British Connection

British Connection

- Living the British connection -


Ordinary people from the United Kingdom, from Scotland to southern England, have started putting the culinary herbs they picked in their front gardens, for example, into an envelope and sending them to us in Hanover.

Many even take a photo of how they set out specifically to search for and harvest wild herbs for us in the open countryside and beaches of Great Britain. We make this from this – in combination with hand-picked herbs from Hanover and other ingredients from all over the world HANNOVER GIN BRITISH CONNECTION.


Brexit or not - we won't let Europe be taken out of our hands so easily. Europe lives through the connection between people. Through each of us.

- keep in touch -


I am homesick for the Europe that I was able to get to know personally. However, not in the condition in which my grandparents experienced it. For me, Europe and democracy are like a garden: you have to go out every day to work on it and protect it. Otherwise it will simply disappear at some point. England helped shape Lower Saxony after the Second World War. And a lot of things that are simply part of it today, like HANNOVER MESSE. What is now the world's largest industrial trade fair is the marketplace for the world and an important identity factor for Hanover. England established the free press here, as we still value it today, in the form of the first German weekly news magazine.

Here in Hanover, just two blocks away from my HANNOVER GIN distillery on Weidendamm, the “Spiegel” and a short time later the “Stern” were born in the Anzeiger high-rise. Not in the Russian sector in Berlin, not in the French sector in Saarland and not in the American sector in Munich. Here in Hanover. Every time I open my mailbox and find mail from the island, when complete strangers from Europe send us flowers to Germany, I get goosebumps.

That's what it's all about for me. Keep connected.

-Joerma Biernath

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We are embarking on a long journey to experience the British Connection and to bring it to life!

With the Ship christening on October 16, 2021 she begins – ours year-long journey from Hanover to our British sister city , on our traditional open road Wooden ship HANNOVER Spirit of Lower Saxony.

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