The truth behind the brand...

Creating something valuable from simple things together.

- 70 years of botanical knowledge -

City farming

My passion for gin makes me constantly search for natural flavors that come unadulterated from the plant . I am a second-generation gardener and, with over 70 years of family botanical knowledge , I cultivate botanicals in my own plantations in the middle of Hanover. Our building facades and the roof garden above the distillery in Hanover City also serve as growing areas for these aromatic plants. Our roof garden is also the namesake for the HANNOVER GIN “ROOFTOP GARDEN”.

The “CITY FARMER” project represents the challenge of creating places in the narrowness and density of cities, in the competition between living, work, mobility and nature - places with a high quality of stay that convey an attitude to life with a strong connection to the surrounding area. Which sharpen perception and the senses. And put the human aspects back into focus.

You can't order a home - you have to create it and live . And by the way, we do more than just help not only to reduce the heating of the city but also to actively cool it. To increase the humidity and to delay the rainwater and keep it where it belongs. C02 to bind insects and bees immediately and here to help. To increase species diversity instead of desolate and dead monocultures.

- free from anything that bothers you -

Spirit of Lower Saxony

We do city farming. More and more people and companies are part of this project. They redesign their home or business premises in an unusual and sustainable way to create growing areas for plants. For HANNOVER GIN and HANNOVER CHOCOLATE, for example, classic herbs, almost forgotten ancient knowledge and unusual botanical rarities are planted, cared for and harvested. With active support, we also collect some things in the wild, on wasteland in the city and the Hanover region. But preferably on the roofs of the city.


HANNOVER GIN has received national and international awards over 14 times!

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