HANNOVER ROOFTOP FREE 0,0% - Jetzt Halal-zertifiziert

HANNOVER ROOFTOP FREE 0.0% - Now Halal certified

At HANNOVER GIN we root our passion for quality and tradition in every bottle of HANNOVER FREE 0.0%, our alcohol-free distillate. Today we are happy to be able to share this special spirit with even more people because our HANNOVER FREE 0.0% is now officially Halal certified. This recognition is a significant step toward honoring the diversity of our community and expanding our reach into diverse cultures

HANNOVER FREE 0.0% - inspired by our well-known HANNOVER GIN ROOFTOP GARDEN 42% - embodies our commitment to traditional crafts and family botanical knowledge, which goes back to more than 70 years of experience. In our own copper still, we combine carefully collected wild plants from the shores of the Maschsee, the Leine meadows and Europe's largest urban forest with exquisite botanicals from all over the world.

Our commitment to inclusivity and diversity is reflected in this important milestone. We look forward to presenting the HANNOVER FREE 0.0% at a trade fair in Dubai soon, where we will have the opportunity to present our Halal certified distillate to an international audience. This will be an excellent platform to bridge different cultures and celebrate the uniqueness of our product.

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