Traditional crafts and traditional plant knowledge

The search for unknown and rare aromas for our Hanoverian luxury foods always drives me to reactivate old and almost lost botanical knowledge from my family's 70-year gardening tradition.
Natural and self-created, partly hidden plantations in the city and region of Hanover, but also the plantings in our own aromatic roof garden are our testing ground for the ingredients for our special creations.

Spirited myth with 4 rare varieties of wormwood from the rooftop

Four rare and secret plant species have emerged from lengthy research and numerous planting experiments with wild wormwood. Together with anise, fennel and other herbal aromas, these form the basis for our aromatic, high-proof and delicate green distillate - the HANNOVER ABSINTH GREEN FAIRY TALE.

An absinthe that tastes good... even without sugar!

The coordinated combination of exquisite botanicals makes HANNOVER ABSINTH soft and aromatic - you don't have to "sweeten" it like other absinthes!
We recommend enjoying HANNOVER ABSINTH pure on the rocks with 1 ice cube, for the perfect aroma development in the original HANNOVER GIN GLASS. Sip carefully, taste and enjoy, of course in small doses (2cl) out of respect for the 70% alcohol.
If you like, you can of course also enjoy it the classic way, with burning sugar...

The perfect companion for good conversations and valuable moments

The traditional enjoyment of absinthe was once appreciated by writers such as Oscar Wilde, Ernest Hemingway and Edgar Allan Poe. Artists such as Paul Gauguin, Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec and Vincent van Gogh were also among his lovers.

Our “green fairy” even makes prime ministers curious!



You can now get our fairytale distillates HANNOVER GIN WEBSTORE as well as in selected GIN STORES in the region.

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