Spirit of Niedersachsen – überzeugt auch im Land des Gins:

Spirit of Lower Saxony – also impresses in the land of gin:

HANNOVER GIN & VODKA internationally awarded

In the global Gin Master competition , THE SPIRITS BUSINESS. which is held annually in London, our HANNOVER GIN ROOFTOP GARDEN was awarded the silver medal for 2019 and 2020.

In the same competition as well as at the Vodka Masters competition and this year's International Wine & Spirit Competition (IWSC) there were further awards for our range with HANNOVER GIN and HANNOVER VODKA. We received a total of 14 awards, including 3x bronze, 5x silver and 3x gold and even 2x Masters.

This award ceremony makes us proud and at the same time gives us the incentive not to stand still, but to continue working on our ideas and natural pleasure products. With hand, heart and mind, curious in dealing with classic herbs and unusual botanical rarities, we will continue to use our knowledge as second-generation gardeners to preserve almost forgotten old knowledge and to develop new recipes.

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