Spirit of Niedersachsen – weit gereist:

Spirit of Lower Saxony – traveled far:

Rough, strong, smoky – for the really tough guys (and women)

You have to be seaworthy for our new storm-tested line ATLANTIC CROSSING with its strong 62 percent! Therefore, you should definitely enjoy it pure and in small sips.


It tastes rough, strongly reminiscent of the mulberry tree barrel in which it was quartered during his ocean voyage. The barrel gives it its characteristic reddish-gold color, making it a visual delight too!


You have to have taste for this vodka: Its strong smoky note is not for everyone! The Scotch cask in which it sailed to new shores gave it its bulky character and bright amber color.

The taste experience of pure wanderlust

Our fine distillates were filled to the brim into fine mulberry and Scottish whiskey barrels before they began their great ocean crossing. A journey of over 13,000 nautical miles on the Cargo sailing ship Avontuur , far beyond Jamaica.

Handmade in Hanover, Elsfleth and the world

Depending on the wind, current, continent and course set, barrel-aged on board in different temperatures, climate zones, salty environments and the constant ups and downs of the waves.

So obtain HANNOVER GIN ATLANTIC CROSSING and HANNOVER VODKA ATLANTIC CROSSING Their combination of flavors is unique in Europe - out of this world. The taste experience of pure wanderlust - handmade in Hanover, Elsfleth and the world.


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