British Connection

Brexit or not – we won’t let Europe be taken out of our hands so easily.
Europe lives through the connection between people. Through each of us.

This is how the BRITISH CONNECTION lives on. And we will make them even more alive:


We set off - with a heavy barrel of HANNOVER GIN BRITISH CONNECTION - from Hanover via German waters and the sea route to England. And you can be there!
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Our connecting product: The HANNOVER GIN BRITISH CONNECTION – Spirit of Lower Saxony

Ordinary people from the United Kingdom, from Scotland to southern England, have started putting the culinary herbs they picked in their front gardens, for example, into an envelope and sending them to us in Hanover. Many even take a photo of how they set out specifically to search for and harvest wild herbs for us in the open countryside and beaches of Great Britain.

We make this from this – in combination with hand-picked herbs from Hanover and other ingredients from all over the world HANNOVER GIN BRITISH CONNECTION.



The result of our cross-border collaboration is now available in the Hannover Gin webstore and in selected GIN STORES in the region.


What moves me personally

I am homesick for the Europe that I was able to get to know personally. However, not in the condition in which my grandparents experienced it. But after Europe as a community. For me, Europe and democracy are like a garden: you have to go out every day to work on it and protect it. Otherwise it will simply disappear at some point. England helped create Lower Saxony after the Second World War. And many things that are simply part of it today, such as HANNOVER MESSE, the world's largest industrial trade fair, marketplace for the world and an important identity factor for Hanover.

Every time I open my mailbox and find mail from the island, when complete strangers from Europe send us flowers to Germany, I get goosebumps.



Our partners in Great Britain

In addition to our private friends, we work closely with HANNOVER GIN BRITISH CONNECTION We are Foodpioneers CIC and Breathing Spaces CIC together - two British initiatives that enable social contacts and promote community through gardening, cooking and eating together.

We are Foodpioneers CIC

We are a neighborhood-based nonprofit that works with local, regional and national partners to create community and togetherness through social food projects. We offer different courses and activities for all age groups in the field, on the boat and in the kitchen. By eating well together, we can also have a positive impact on our own community. By growing and preparing food together, sharing our favorite recipes, and learning about other people's national and favorite dishes, we create community and cultivate social relationships around the simple pleasure of a good meal. Being able to build closeness. Through our courses we promote self-confidence and relationships with other people and combat social isolation.

We are Foodpioneers CIC · Worthing, West Sussex, UK ·

Breathing Spaces CIC

We are a local non-profit company and organize garden therapies for people in need of care. Our neighborhood “Garden Clubs” are various programs through which we pursue social and therapeutic goals. Gardening in small groups can stimulate memory, promote self-confidence and keep people socially active, which can be particularly important for older people and those in the early stages of dementia. We take an active part in the life of our local neighborhood and work with our “Garden Clubs” in two community centers where we have created gardens. Our aim is to make our home town of Worthing more age and dementia friendly.
Breathin Spacec CIC · Worthing, West Sussex, UK ·