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120 • HANNOVER CITY HONEY • approx. 300 g

120 • HANNOVER CITY HONEY • approx. 300 g

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It is my bees that feel at home in our own beehives in the protected garden of the HANNOVER GIN DISTILLERY. In the middle of the city, on Weidendamm, in the heart of Hanover. From here they swarm out and save the world. As a gardener and city farmer with 70 years of family botanical knowledge, I know how important the work of bees is for nature! It sounds paradoxical: the diversity of plants in the city exceeds that of the agricultural monocultures of the supposedly ideal rural world and provides us with a rich honey harvest. And a wonderfully characterful honey with a deep aroma. Lemmi, our “bee whisperer”, takes care of this with dedication and love. We simply do everything ourselves, think and work independently. • GERMAN PRODUCT • approx. 300 g • EAN 4260437861209 • Item no. HC-120

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