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05 • HANNOVER GIN CORNEL + VANILLA • 0.7l • 42% vol.

05 • HANNOVER GIN CORNEL + VANILLA • 0.7l • 42% vol.

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Spirit of Lower Saxony: Maximum enjoyment - free from everything that disturbs... from the roof gardens, the balconies, the gardens and landscapes - in the middle of Hanover and the region. Wild plants from the shorelines of the Maschsee, the Leine floodplains and from Europe's largest urban forest, carefully and expertly collected - cleverly combined with botanicals from the end of the world. Carefully handcrafted in small batches in the copper destillery in Hanover according to a secret recipe and the botanical family knowledge of two generations. With hand-picked cornelian cherries, natural vanilla and sugar. Aged in bottle for more than 3 months.
• GERMAN PRODUCT • 42% vol. 700 ml • EAN 4260437860059 • Item no. HG-005 •

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